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    October 2017: "Measure for Pleasure: MyONE Perfect Fit now offers condoms in 60 sizes"

    August 15th, 2017: Announcing: Winning condom wrapper designs of the ONE Canada Design Contest

    March 16, 2017: Do it for Canada: Help design Canada's first condom collection!

    March 15, 2017: ONE Makes a DIFFArence by Bringing NYC Youth and Artists Together for HIV Education and Prevention

    August 4, 2016: ONE® announces winners from global condom wrapper Design Contest

    July 27, 2016: ONE® hides Pokémon-themed condom tins at Boston Poké-walk

    March 23, 2016: Condom Wrapper Design Contest Combines Art with Activism

    Jan. 29, 2015: ONE® Condoms Partners With Graffiti Artists To Launch Campaign To Stop HIV/AIDS

    Sep 26, 2013: ONE® Condoms launches partnership with R&B artist The Weeknd for "Kiss Land" fall concert tour


    The Star: "Karex and Global Protection together as ONE for the long haul"

    The Star: "ONE-way to break the taboo" "Durian Condoms Have Arrived In Malaysia"

    Daily Mail UK: "That's one way to spice up your sex life! New condoms taste like CHILLI and are covered with lubricant that HEATS UP" "We Opened The World's First Box Of Nasi Lemak Condoms And Took A Big Whiff"

    New York Times: "A Condom-Maker’s Discovery: Size Matters"

    New York Times: "Covering Condoms: A Notoriously Slippery Subject"

    Cosmopolitan: "I Measured My Penis for Custom-Fit Condoms and Here's How They Felt During Sex"

    Healthline: "Do We Need Different Sizes of Condoms?"

    Play Boy: "Can Bespoke Condoms Finally Win Over Men?"

    Newsweek: "New Custom-Fit Condoms Available for Men Who Are 'Too Big'"

    Narcity: "Toronto Themed Condoms Exist And Here's How You Can Get Your Hands On Them"

    CBC News: "Toronto-themed condom wrappers coming to a nightstand near you"

    News4U: "CondomTO contest's winning condom wrapper designs now available in locations across Toronto"

    Daily Mail: "Put safe-sex messages in pubs, bars and clubs to curb the rise of super-gonorrhoea, experts say"

    Daily Hive: "Design a Canadian condom wrapper to celebrate Canada 150"

    Yahoo! Finance: "Do It For Canada: Help Design Canada's First Condom Collection"

    The Navigator: "Creating Condoms for Canada"

    Toronto Sun: "Condom Contest uniquely Canadian" 

    Canadian Insider: "Do It For Canada: Help Design Canada's First Condom Collection" 

    Telegraph-Journal: "Ready for a patriotic condom challenge?"

    Windsor Square: "Condom Maker Looking to Start a Collection"

    Badger Herald: "Hump Day: Glow up with glow-in-the-dark condoms"

    FleshBot: "Fleshbot's Sex Toy Roundup!"

    Pacific Standard: "Six Ways That Advocates Are Fixing Sex Education in American Schools"

    Complex: "Is Unsafe Sex the Latest Kink?"

    Adobe's Behance Mag: "Designing the Next Generation of Condom Packaging

    Slutty Girl Problems: "ONE Zero Thin Condoms Review"

    Metro Ottawa: "Ottawa prepares for 2017 action with custom condoms"

    iHeartRadio Canada: "2017 Condom Wrapper Poll Aims To Fight Rise in STIs Through Conversation"

    Digital Journal: "New Startup Wants More Babies to Sleep in Cardboard Boxes"

    UCCS The Scribe: "Second annual Condom Fashion Show hopes to bring awareness to safe sex practices"

    Slutty Girl Problems: "One 576 Sensations Condoms Review"

    Fleshbot: "Fleshbot's Sex Toy Roundup!"

    Bustle: "The Birth Control Options For Women Who Don’t Want IUDs, According To Experts"

    Toronto Star: "Toronto Public Health wraps up condomTO contest"

    National Post: "‘Cover your lumber, Jack’: Toronto Public Health announces winners of CondomTO project"

    Fleshbot: "Fleshbot's Sex Toy Roundup!"

    Toronto Life: "These are the contenders for Toronto’s next city-themed condom wrapper"

    Toronto City News: "Serious message behind Toronto's cheeky new condom campaign"

    Toronto Star: "Toronto Public Health pull out city-themed condoms"

    Toronto Sun: "Would-be condom artists could face stiff competition"

    HIV Plus Mag: "OMG, 24 Tom of Finland Condoms We Must Have!"

    Marketing Magazine: "Toronto Public Health Unwraps Condom Contest"

    Daily Camera: "Boulder and the Beautiful: How I grew up to be The Balloon Girl"

    Boston Metro: "Pokémon-themed condoms invading Boston Common this weekend"

    Boston Patch: "Local Company Hiding Condom-Filled 'Pokéballs' at Boston Poké-Walk"

    Boston Magazine: "ONE Is Hiding Pokémon-Themed Condom Tins All Over the Common"

    VICE: "I Tried the Latest in Condom Technology and It Went Shockingly Well"

    VICE: "Probé lo último en condones y fue increíblemente bien"

    VICE: "Jeg afprøvede innovative kondomer med min kæreste, og det gik overraskende godt"

    Third Base: "myONE Condoms" interview with Jared Maraio, Senior Director of Brand Strategy.

    Glamour: "Genius: Condoms Are About to Come in 56 Different Sizes"

    Fusion: "Men can now choose from 56 different condom sizes, proving every penis really is a special snowflake"

    Yahoo Brazil: "Marca americana lançará camisinha sob medida para cada cliente"

    PopSugar: "Penises Across America Will Be Thanking This Company For Its 56 Condom Sizes"

    AskMen: "Fitted Condoms Cleared For Sale By FDA"

    AskMen: "La FDA aprobó la venta de unos condones hechos a la medida"

    Drug Store News: "ONE Condoms to launch 56 'perfect-fit' condoms this fall"

    Birth Control: "ONE Condoms – 56 Condom Sizes"

    7X7: "It's Almost Hump Day: Vote for This Cheeky Condom Design to Benefit the SF AIDS Foundation"

    Bustle: "5 Common Misconceptions About Condoms, Because You Can't Be 'Too Big'" Mentions our Pleasure Plus® condoms!

    The E'ville Eye: "Local Emeryville Artist's Condom Wrapper Design Helping Fight AIDS"

    Gayletter: "Tom of Finland & ONE Condoms"

    AFO Radio: "World AIDS Day with ONE Condoms"

    Lavender Magazine: 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

    Elle Malaysia: "The 'In Your Face' musical you need to see” 

    Edge Media Network: “Tom of Finland Homoerotic Art Featured on Special Edition Condoms”

    OUT Magazine: “Tom of Finland Artwork Featured on Special-Edition Condoms”

    ArtNews: “Tom of Finland Becomes a Consumer Brand–What?”

    Widewalls: “Tom of Finland on ONE Condoms - Promoting Safer Sex and Supporting Careers of Erotic Artists”

    Tom’s Blog: “Tom of Finland Artwork Featured on Special-Edition Condoms”

    Central Florida Future: “UCF hosts ONE Condoms wrapper design contest”

    Collectively: “Can A Condom's Packaging Change How It Reaches An Audience?”

    ThinkProgress: “Street Art Campaign Encourages Safe Sex In Urban Communities”

    BuzzFeed: “These Artists Designed Beautiful Condom Wrappers To Promote Safe Sex”

    Medium: “#LustforLife: Using Street Art to Fight HIV/AIDS in Urban Communities”

    Metro: “Street artists want to STOP HIV/AIDS”

    POZ: “Lust for Life: NYC Street Artists Raise HIV/AIDS Awareness”

    Urban Mecca: “The Weeknd Partners with ONE Condoms For “Kiss Land” Tour”

    The BoomBox: “The Weeknd Will Have ‘Kiss Land’ Condoms On Tour”

    Boston Business Journal: “Davin Wedel: Condom king”



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