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    September 26, 2023

    Lube and Condoms: A Match Made in Bedroom Heaven

    Let’s admit it! When it comes to sex, we always love the rule – the wetter, the better! And that's where the dynamic duo comes into play – condoms and lubricant (lube for short)! They are like the coolest tag team in the bedroom, condom provides protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies while lube enhances pleasure and reduces discomfort.

    May 21, 2023

    What Causes Vaginal Dryness?

    The vagina is quite an impressive feat of biological engineering! Not only is it the source of human life for many, it can also be a source of both intense pleasure and efficient function. Not to mention it is self-cleaning and self-regulating!

    May 07, 2023

    #ILubeYou: Why Choosing Your Lube Wisely Matters

    When it comes to personal lubricants (lubes!), do you look at the ingredients? Whether you're looking for a lube to use during sex or to alleviate vaginal dryness — ingredients matter. 

    March 18, 2023

    How Can Delay Condoms Benefit Relationships and Intimacy?

    Sexual wellness plays a significant role when it comes to maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. While there are many factors that contribute to a satisfying intimate connection, one aspect that is often overlooked is the use of delay condoms.

    February 26, 2023

    Understanding The Science Behind Delay Condoms

    Here at ONE®, we spend most of our day thinking about sex and we’re always cookin’ up new ideas to bring more pleasure into the world. When it comes to sexual intimacy, we found out that couples often seek ways to prolong their pleasure and deepen their connection.



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